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Get Super Fast internet Today!

Stream movies and music, set up your home office, and make sure school projects are A+ with Supersonic fibre or home broadband.

With our Month To Month Packages you will also get full installation and set-up, delivered right to your doorstep, all for Free

From our phones and tablets, to our TV’s, Gaming Consoles, Laptops and CCTV cameras. Everything is connected.

Uncapped and unshaped packages have become much cheaper than mobile data. Why wait? Start saving today.

Turn your entire home into a mobile hotspot and enjoy Netflix, Showmax and so much more. No more surprise bills due to unexpected data usage.

As an accredited partner of Supersonic, Wires And WiFi can get you connected. Fast and Simple

We provide Internet Packages across South Africa.

Contact Us Today to confirm your coverage.

Who can benefit from Fibre?

Heavy Data users
Home Office users
Students and Scholars
Online Gamers
Everyone that needs reliable internet


No Fibre in your area?

Call us for Super Fast Wireless Home Broadband options.

With an internet package that will suit everyone, contact us today.


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