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What We Do:

We connect. That is the short answer. With our custom installed networks, we can connect all the devices in your home that is capable of using either a plugged-in network or Wi-Fi.

For additional benefit, you can also connect your internet connection to allow all the devices to provide you with maximum performance and features.

With the costing of Data becoming more affordable and with the launch of Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) in your area, the time is here to truly create a connected home.

Do you plan on getting a network based security system or IP cameras? They use the same network. Don’t install now and upgrade later.

How can we help:

Install a physical network with wireless access points
Connect all your network capable devices
Discuss the available security options
Supply and install IP Surveillance Systems with Full PVR/NVR and Remote Viewing functions
Extend existing Wi-Fi networks such as to the outside entertainment area
After-Installation support
Configuration of existing systems
Install Media server solutions
Future-Proof your network installation
Discreet – The installations are not visible and completely out of site


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